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Holiday Cottage Getaways are registered affiliates of one of the UK's largest holiday property advertisers Sykes Cottages . All the cottage ads listed on our site have been designed as a quick introduction to the main advertisements featured on Sykes Cottages. If you advertise your property on Sykes cottages it is very likely that your cottage is listed on our site as well.

Please note that we are independant and have no other association with Sykes Cottages other than using their data feeds to promote the property listings on their websites.

When you click on any of our introductory ads you are taken to the full advertisement on Sykes Cottages where you can find all the property details, current price and availability secure online booking and more property photos and area details.


There are thousands of affiliate websites advertising everything from frying pans to combined harvesters on behalf of manufacturers, suppliers and letting agencies. The majority of price comparison websites are working as affiliates. Affiliates earn money by sending visitors to the manafacturer or supplier websites and in some cases are more successful than the main sites themselves. If the visit results in a sale or sometimes an enquiry, the affiliate receives a commision.

It makes sense for larger companies to use smaller affiliate companies to promote their own websites, if the affiliate isn't successful it doesn't cost the main company anything.


Holiday Cottage Getaways uses auto updating datafeeds supplied by Sykes Cottages which ensures that all the property listings are bang up to date. We try to include as much relevant information as possible without overloading the user, hopefully giving enough details for the visitor to know if the property will be suitable before clicking through to the main ad. The filters are a useful addition for finding exactly the property you are looking for

The "from"prices shown on the introductory ads are the lowest prices available during the  season


We have recently introduced  two new last minute cottage features using Sykes cottage data feeds to display cottages available within the next four weeks,  highlighting cottages available next week and now with current dates and prices.


We have tried to make the site as user friendly as possible.  The main menus (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) contain a list of counties or areas and are located at the top of every page. Larger counties have filters showing towns/village within the chosen area so for example clicking Cumbria on the main England menu at the top of the page will open the Cumbria main page where you can find the Cumbria filter menu showing a list of popular towns and villages in Cumbria and the Lake district. You can use the filters to narrow down your choice with a variety of popular options.


Holiday Cottage Getaways is mobile friendly, just google on your smartphone and  you will be automatically directed to the mobile version of our site where you can browse through all the cottages with our mobile user friendly menus.

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