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How To Create A Link To Show Only Your Cottage

We are affiliates of Sykes Cottages, if you advertise your holiday cottage with Sykes Cottages, it should be listed on this site as well.

You can easily create a link to a page showing only your property which contains all available dates with prices and auto updates every day so dates and prices will always be current.

What Do You Need A Link For?

A link showing just your property with price and availability for the next five months,is an easy way to advertise your cottage either on social media, in an email, a whatsapp or even on your own website.

What Will Your Advertisement Look Like?

The desktop advertisement below has been created at random from a page on our site. This is a screenshot and does not have any working links.The example advertisement below is approximately half the size of the original which you can view here.

How To Create A Link Showing Only Your Cottage


Find your cottage on our site using the area buttons at the top of this page

1. Choose the country button where your property is located.

2. From the dropdown list click the county/area where your property is located.

3. If your cottage is listed on our site, it should appear in this section.

4. In areas where we have many cottages listed, filter pages using the TOWN/SEARCH

When,you've found your property, just follow the instructions to create a link to it which you can copy and use wherever you like.


Find your cottage on our site using your Sykes Cottages ID number.

If you are familiar with using copy and paste, go to the country and county where your cottage is situated using the buttons at the top of this page then in the address (url) bar paste the following to the end of the url ?cottage=your sykes id substituting "your sykes id"

with your id number.

For example, if your cottage is in Cornwall this should be the url contained in the address bar.

Again, as an example if your sykes cottage id was 960157 you would add this number to the end of the url like this.

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